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Outstanding civil rights lawyer Bakari Dealers and lawyer Audia Jones are representing the circle of relatives of a person who died whilst jailed at Alvin S. Glenn Detention Middle.

Lason Butler, 27, of Orangeburg, used to be discovered useless in his cellular on the Richland County prison on Feb. 12.

“Lason Butler must be alive nowadays,” Dealers, an lawyer with Strom Regulation Company, stated. “However as a result of the planned indifference of Richland County and the Alvin S. Glenn Detention Middle, this younger guy died by myself in a prison cellular, the newest casualty of a device that doesn’t care and doesn’t paintings.”

Richland County, which manages the prison, didn’t deal with Dealers’ commentary.

Butler have been jailed since Jan. 31 on fees of reckless riding, failure to forestall for police and riding with a suspended license. Court docket information display that he used to be granted a bond of about $5,000 on Feb. 1 to get out of prison.

The truth that he used to be nonetheless in prison via Feb. 12 most likely signifies that Butler had now not paid the bond.

No less than 3 other folks died within the Alvin S. Glenn prison in 2021. Two of the ones deaths caused investigations via state brokers. Already in2022, two other folks died within the prison previous to Butler’s demise, in line with a courtroom authentic.

“The worst injuries are the ones that may be avoided. Alvin S. Glenn is understaffed, underfunded and overcrowded,” stated lawyer Audia Jones of the Regulation Place of work of Audia Jones. “That could be a bad mixture for guards and inmates alike and a recipe for tragedies like this. Lason Butler and each and every human merits higher.”

Alvin S. Glenn Detention Middle has had ongoing demanding situations.

It’s been plagued via under-staffing and top turnover.

In December, The State reported on how beneath staffing contributed to a revolt on the prison in September.


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